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Deposits & Withdrawls

How to deposit on Pokio
How to withdraw on Pokio

Safe, Secure and Private

At Pokio, we are committed to providing a safe playing field for all players. We do this on two fronts:

Players' data.

All unauthorized examination on and import of Players' data are strictly prohibited. The accessing rights regarding system and database of the IT personnel (especially those who maintain Players' information database) are strictly limited for that their operations are simultaneously monitored and audited.

To ensure the security of the servers, a series of measures including the firewall has been implemented.In terms of the procedure, the Company also has strict access control and confidentiality agreement to ensure that the Players' information will not be leaked.


Players' account

Players' account will be specially designed by Sata bank as holding player funds as stipulated in Sections 41 of the Remote Gaming Regulations. The Company is obliged to assure that the Players' Accounts will be covered by a declaration from the said Bank protecting the Players' funds from being attached by third parties as required by the Regulations.

Game Fairness and Responsible Gaming

We see online gambling as a legitimate form of entertainment that is enjoyed by millions of adults worldwide. We employ GLI granted algorithms and practices to ensure total fairness to every player. Our random number generation (RNG) system operates at a high level of encryption and randomness to ensure fairness without exception. We assist those that have gambling problems to restrict on deposit and loss.

Zero Tolerance for Fraud and Collusion

Our system performs random security checks and other log-file reviews to maintain system integrity and fairness at the tables.If we find any players participating in collusion or deceptive practices,we will close their their accounts immediately.

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